Karen Cilevitz has lived in Richmond Hill since 2009, and is a proud Ward 5 resident elected to the Ward 5 Councillor seat in 2014, and re-elected for a second term in 2018. She has 3 adult children who live in Ontario. A lifelong volunteer and community activist, Karen served as Chair of the DDO Defenders for 6 years, leading this grassroots community advocacy group in protecting and conserving Richmond Hill’s iconic David Dunlap Observatory Campus and surrounding lands as a public legacy.

Her dedicated work on the DDO file, and her work with residents and residents’ groups defending the Town against over-development, led Karen to run for public office. She prides herself as a steward of our natural environment, working towards conservation of our greenspaces and protection of our wildlife. An avid amateur astronomer, Karen has the distinction of having a Main Belt Asteroid named in her honour – Asteroid 108382 Karencilevitz. Karen’s commitment to her residents as Richmond Hill’s Ward 5 Councillor demonstrates her dedication to public service excellence, ensuring all Ward 5 residents receive her undivided attention as their elected representative on Council.


Council Member, Chair – Accessibility Advisory Committee

Council Member, Vice-Chair – Civic Precinct Project Steering Committee

Council Member, Vice-Chair – David Dunlap Observatory Park Steering Committee

Council Member – Heritage Richmond Hill Committee

Council Member – Richmond Hill People Plan Task Force

Council Member – Richmond Hill Economic Development Committee

Council Member – Richmond Hill Business Leadership Council

Advisory Board Member – Chorus York 

Advisory Board Member – Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra

Advisory Board Member – York Region Food Network

Municipal Advisor – Leadership Team: Pflag York Region

Member – Blue Dot Richmond Hill

Member – Clean Air Council – Clean Air Partnership

Member – Working Group for OMB Reform 


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Karen Cilevitz
Karen CilevitzWednesday, October 16th, 2019 at 4:16am
Karen Cilevitz
Karen Cilevitz shared a post.Sunday, October 13th, 2019 at 1:36pm
The next RH Council Meeting is Wednesday October 16th at 9:30am.
Once again Councillor Carmine Perrelli has Integrity Commissioner complaints against Councillor Karen Shapiro Cilevitz. This time there are 2 complaints and the IC once again is recommending reprimands.

If you recall Councillor Perrelli also brought forward an IC complaint against Councillor Cilevitz at the Council Meeting on September 18th. In that case the IC also recommended a reprimand but Councillor Cilevitz ended up with a 45 day pay suspension thanks to Councillor Perrelli's motion.

Per IC report 65-0519 Councillor Perrelli has subjected Councillor Cilevitz to "UNWARRANTED PUBLIC HUMILIATION" and "ABUSIVE CONDUCT" yet his behaviour does not even warrant a reprimand by council. How can this be?

Since this new council's term began Councillor Perrelli has spearheaded motions to have Councillor Cilevitz's SALARY SUSPENDED for 4 1/2 MONTHS due to Integrity Commissioner complaints and in each case the IC recommendation was a REPRIMAND! How can 4 1/2 months of pay suspension be fair?

RESIDENTS of Richmond Hill I urge you to email RH Mayor and Council before this Wednesday Oct 16 and let them know that this behaviour towards the only female on RH Council is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Alternatively go to the meeting on Wednesday and speak to Council directly. To address Council on this matter on Wed Oct 16 you must send a Delegation request to clerks@richmondhill.ca to be placed on the Delegation list. If you can’t appear, write an email to the clerks to be included as an Addition to the Oct 16 Agenda. Both the former and latter must be received by Clerks by noon Tuesday Oct 15.

Tell them that the Integrity Commissioner's recommendations for a reprimand is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE outcome for the 2 upcoming complaints. Tell them that Councillor Cilevitz's pay suspension from Sept. 18 should be reversed and changed to a reprimand per the IC's recommendation.

Find Council email addresses here: https://www.richmondhill.ca/en/our-services/Mayor-and-Council.aspx

RH Council Members I urge you to do the RIGHT THING and accept the IC's independent and unbiased recommendations in all IC complaints. Please DO NOT allow the public humiliation of Councillor Cilevitz to continue. She like you was voted in by the residents of RH and what she has had to endure at the hands of this current council is SHAMEFUL. Make it right!

Kudos and thank you to Councillor Cilevitz for staying strong and for continuing to work for Ward 5 residents albeit that she has to work in a poisoned environment everyday and WITHOUT pay. NO ONE should have to work in those conditions. Surely there MUST be some protection for her!

Read the 2 complaints for the next meeting at the link below. Items 13.3 & 13.4.
#myrichmondhill #yorkregion #abusiveconduct #globalnewsto #ctvtoronto
Karen Cilevitz
Karen Cilevitz shared a photo.Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at 9:39am

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful, relaxing long weekend! 😃🌽❤️
Karen Cilevitz
Karen Cilevitz is at City of Richmond Hill.Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 11:13am
#CongratsAva City of Richmond Hill

Celebrating a work milestone with the City of Richmond Hill for my amazing Executive Assistant, Ava Daneshvar ~ 5 years of incomparable excellence!

Thank you, Ava, for all you do for this Councillor and our Ward 5 residents! You are an invaluable asset to myself and an always smiling, delightful presence in our Mayor & Council’s front office. Knowing you are by my side, never swerving in your dedication to public service and superlative assistance on all levels, helps me do the best job possible in ensuring our residents are always well-served - Thank you, and here’s to many more years together! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😃🥂🌟
Karen Cilevitz
Karen Cilevitz shared a post.Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 10:23am
We are hiring for Turtle Guardians and Species at Risk work: an App Developer; GIS Technician; and educator. Must be under the age of 30 to meet funding requirements. See the job postings and find out more details here: https://www.scalesnaturepark.ca/jobs
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Ward 5 Civic Engagement Committee


2018 – 2022 Ward 5 Civic Engagement Committee Executive:

  • A new W5CEC Executive will be chosen at our first meeting in September, 2019, stay tuned for details – If you would like to be a W5CEC Executive Member, please email me to have your name placed into consideration: karen.cilevitz@richmondhill.ca

The Ward 5 Civic Engagement Committee (W5CEC) is a unique Ward Committee overseen by Councillor Cilevitz with participation by and with Ward 5 residents. The W5CEC is comprised of the Executive Committee and residents living in Ward 5. The Committee hears and discusses matters of concern and/or interest to Ward 5, and works in a pro-active manner to reach consensus on decisions/directions to Councillor Cilevitz in the best interests of the residents of Ward 5, and in keeping with in-place policies which guide and direct our municipality as a whole. We meet as a group three times a year for informative, inclusive discussions, and host regular Ward 5 Resident Community Meetings presenting many topics for informal, engaging discussions between Councillor Cilevitz, guest speakers and presenters, and residents.

With thanks to the outgoing 2015-2018 Executive Committee for all their dedicated hard work!

Need Councillor Cilevitz’s assistance with a Ward 5 municipal matter?
Councillor Email: karen.cilevitz@richmondhill.ca
Direct Councillor Office Line: 905.771.2510
Councillor Cell: 416.806.7582


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